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Instagram data is scattered

From Likes to New Followers, your Instagram data is all over the place; and trying to clean it up in spreadsheets is near impossible.  😱

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Get started in seconds, and we'll show you important trends at a glance, so you can sell more product.

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Woo Commerce and other platforms coming soon.


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influence sales

Understand how your Instagram content and engagement drives bio clicks and product sales on your website. 💰


Why is it free?

Because there's more to come 🚀

We're building exciting new tools to help you be a better Instagram marketer. Priced plans coming soon.

Engagement + Sales Analytics

Story Watch Insights

Bio Click Tracking

Calendar Trends

Website Story Widget

Tag & Mention Monitoring

Follower Growth Trends

Giveaway Tracking

Starting February 2020, we're introducing priced plans.

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Once you sign up, we'll display your top trends over the past 60 days.

You can look at your top performing posts and stories to see what Instagram content is actually making you money.