Instagram isn't Amazon Prime

Are you correctly using Instagram to market your Shopify site?

It might go without saying, but Instagram isn't Amazon.

The way we shop on Amazon is often classified as one-touch marketing. We see a product -- we buy a product. That's it.

We search Amazon Prime for "LED light bulbs", and we buy light bulbs. We know what we want, we have a credit card in-hand, and we are ready to pay. We interact with a brand once, and we purchase. This is a one-touch conversion.

So what does this have to do with Instagram and Shopify?

There are over 1 Million Shopify sellers that use Instagram to market their products, but many of them don't understand that Instagram isn't a one-touch marketing channel. These Shopify sellers don't understand that Instagram is actually a multi-touch marketing channel.

Instagram is a multi-touch marketing channel

Don't think of Instagram like Amazon, instead, think of Instagram like email marketing.

Content Marketing = Multi-touch Marketing

The day that you subscribe to the Nike Running newsletter, it's unlikely that you will immediately purchase a pair of shoes. Actually, chances are that you are going to archive most of the emails that they ever receive.

So why does Nike even bother sending these emails and making all this content?

It's because somewhere between emails 5 and 50, you might click on an offer or other content and become an eventual customer. This is multi-touch marketing.

In this respect, Instagram is the same as email marketing. It's what online marketers call -- drip marketing.

Each time a follower interacts with you on Instagram, it's a touch point. When a new follower follows your account, it is the same concept as a newsletter signup. Each time you post content to your Instagram feed or story, it is the same concept of sending out an email blast to your mail list.

Ways to create touch-points on Instagram

  • Posting to Your Feed

  • Posting to Your Story

  • Liking Content

  • Commenting to Followers

  • Sending Direct Messages

  • Sending Follow Requests

  • Getting Contact Clicks (Email, Directions, Call)

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