There's more to Instagram than Likes & Comments

How well is your Instagram content actually performing?

In a never-ending sea of Instagram data many Shopify sellers struggle to gauge how well their content is actually performing. Most Shopify Sellers measure their Instagram content's performance by a quick glance at Likes and Comments, or perhaps use a simple 'engagement rate' calculation that looks something like this:

Engagement Rate = (Likes + Comments) / Total Followers

This method is quick, but you can do so much better! There is a lot more to measuring your Instagram content than just Likes and Comments. Do Likes and Comments actually make you money? Are they a real step towards conversion or a purchase? Are they sending traffic to your website?

Think about all the other ways that Instagram allows potential customers to engage with your business, it's not just liking and commenting on photos in their feed.

Instagram users can do much more than just scroll through their feeds. They can:

  • Like and comment on posts

  • Watch Stories

  • Click on Bio links

  • Save and bookmark their favorite content

  • Follow your account

... and so much more. All of these actions combined determine how well your content is performing, not just Likes and Comments.

Vizi allows you to measure all the metrics that truly determine how well your Instagram content is driving sales on your Shopify site.

Using Vizi to measure which Instagram Posts and Stories actually drive sales on Shopify allows Shopify sellers to make better decisions. Measuring which content drives sales allows you to improve your marketing efforts on Instagram. Vizi also shows you the real ROI on all your organic Instagram marketing.

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